Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka Humanitarian

Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka Humanitarian

If one were to describe Sam Zherka in just three words, it would be these: father, humanitarian, and businessman. And if you were to encapsulate Sammy Zherka, Selim Zherka to his colleagues, the essence of who he is in just one word, it would be humanitarian. In everything that he does, and in every interaction he has with people Sam Zherka comes across every day, he sees to it that he “operates with heart.”

Childhood for Sammy Zherka, happy though it was, was filled with challenges and difficulties. Their household was not rich in terms of money and material things, but it was rich in love, support, and compassion. It is these three things: love, support, and compassion, that shaped Selim Zherka into the person that he is today; and it is these three things that inspire Sam Zherka every day to do whatever he can to help people who are in need, especially women who are victims of domestic violence, abused or neglected children, the homeless, and the elderly.

Sam Zherka is particularly involved in helping and motivating kids to dream, and dream big; and to not be afraid to make their dreams come true no matter how many obstacles are thrown their way. Selim Zherka always reminds them that failure is just a detour, not a dead-end. Sammy Zherka further adds, “If you stay the course, you will eventually get to your destination.”

For Sam Zherka, sharing the rewards of his success and paving the way for others to succeed in life have become second nature. Sammy Zherka believes that everyone deserves a second chance; and if he can help in any way, he wouldn’t think twice about it.

For Selim Zherka, every homeless person you see in the streets has a story; and however poorly they may have played their cards in the past, they deserve a second shot at making their lives better.