Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka Humanitarian at Heart

Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka Humanitarian at Heart

Growing up, Selim Zherka didn’t have the toys and luxuries that his friends had. But whatever they lacked in financial and material wealth, his parents made up for by showering him and his siblings with all the love, nurturing, and attention that every young child needs. For Sam Zherka, a home filled with love and laughter is worth more than all material wealth in the world. Sammy Zherka feels truly blessed to have been brought up in a home where everyone truly and deeply cares for one another.

Having gone through hardships in life at a young age, Selim Zherka knows the feeling of not having enough food on the table, not having nice shoes and clothes for school, and not having their basic needs met. His childhood experiences, happy though they were, motivated Sam Zherka to succeed in all his endeavors in order to help those who are in need. Sammy Zherka isn’t a stranger to receiving help growing up, which is why he feels that it’s his turn now to extend assistance to anyone who needs it, in whatever way he can.

Soft spot for kids in need

Selim Zherka has been supporting various non-profits advocating for the welfare of children for many years now. His humanitarian efforts include raising money for the homeless, contributing to soup kitchens, and supporting his favorite non-profit, Toys for Tots. One of the most memorable experiences Sam Zherka has had was giving new toys to sick children in hospitals and dressing up as Santa Claus to bring a smile to the kids’ faces.

Sammy Zherka has also made generous contributions to families, especially those with young kids, to help them get a fresh start. Unbeknownst to many, Selim Zherka pores over the Guardian Newspaper to search for people who are appealing for help. Sam Zherka would go to these individuals to personally talk to them and extend financial assistance.

But his advocacy doesn’t stop here. Sammy Zherka also mentors budding entrepreneurs and invests in their startups to help them achieve their goals. If you would like to get in touch with Selim Zherka, please leave him a message through this site.