Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka and His Passion for Philanthropy

Selim ‘Sam’ Zherka and His Passion for Philanthropy

Before Sam Zherka became a successful businessman, he went through challenges and difficulties that, when Sammy Zherka thinks about them now, make him wonder how he ever survived them. Perhaps this is why Selim Zherka has made it his life’s goal to advocate for the poor and the homeless, especially the innocent little ones whose only ‘fault’ was being born into a poor family or to abusive parents.

Out of all his philanthropic efforts, it is those that advocate for the rights of children to live a healthy and happy life in an environment that supports and loves them unconditionally that is closest to the heart of Sam Zherka.

Being amongst children, playing and interacting with them to bring a smile to their faces, is where Sammy Zherka thrives the most. Selim Zherka feels lucky that he grew up in a loving home, with parents that fully support him—parents who constantly encouraged and motivated him to reach for his dreams. Sam Zherka, in his own small way, wants to be the same to children in need—to be a role model to these children in the same way that his parents were to him.

Over the years, Sammy Zherka has had the privilege and pleasure of seeing some of the kids he has helped grow into kind and compassionate adults, and successful at their chosen careers. For Selim Zherka, seeing those he helped succeed in life is all the ‘reward’ that he needs.

Yes, Sam Zherka is a man of many passions; but helping others and advocating for children are what he keeps closest to his heart.

Sammy Zherka has built a culture of philanthropy in his organization. Selim Zherka feels that there’s so much more than needs to be done, and getting everyone onboard will help a lot more people, and reach out to a lot more children.