Humanitarianism in the Eyes of Selim Zherka

Humanitarianism in the Eyes of Selim Zherka

When you believe that all human beings deserve equal opportunities and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity no matter their race, culture or religion, and you strive to promote the welfare of all humanity, you are a humanitarian in the eyes of Sam Zherka, or Selim Zherka to his colleagues. For Sammy Zherka, it’s not the amount of money that you spend or donate towards the promotion of humanity’s welfare; it’s the time and effort that you put into your humanitarianism that count the most. The money that you gave or spent can be earned back, but the time and effort you gave can never be regained. They are forever ‘lost’ in your act of humanitarianism. Therefore for Sam Zherka, giving up your time to help those in need is the best form of humanitarianism.

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Humanitarianism believes that all humankind is connected, and as such, nobody should get left behind or be made to feel alone, isolated or not worthy of a good life. This interconnectedness means that humans belongs to one family, and we are all brothers and sisters. For Sammy Zherka, this also means giving the shirt on your back to help another. Selim Zherka often ponders, “Does it matter to be rich if your brothers and sisters are suffering?”

For this reason, Sam Zherka has taken it upon himself to do everything he can to help those in need, especially people from war-torn countries and conflict areas. More than anyone else, it’s the children that he wants to help the most. Children living in poverty, poor conditions, or in the middle of armed conflicts don’t deserve the kind of life that they live. Selim Zherka didn’t grow up in a rich family. And his parents were Albanian immigrants, so he knows very well what it means to live in a country where human life isn’t valued and respected; where human life is considered as a bargaining chip to get one’s way. It’s unfair to the innocent children—and ‘unfair’ doesn’t even begin to describe the harsh conditions that these children live in.

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Respect for human life should never ever be selective.

For Sam Zherka, if you respect someone because of his social status or what you can get from him, then that isn’t respect at all. It’s leverage for personal gain. We live in one home, one planet. It’s time we all treated each other like family, Sam Zherka adds.

If you would like to learn more about the humanitarian advocacies that Sammy Zherka supports, please feel free to contact him at your convenience.