Sam Zherka Shares His Top 3 Tips for Helping Charities

Sam Zherka Shares His Top 3 Tips for Helping Charities

When Sam Zherka first became involved in helping charities; he found so much joy and fulfillment in it that he wondered why everyone isn’t doing it. While Sammy Zherka knows that he can’t force every person he comes across to become charitable, he knows that he can at least encourage those that are within his circle of influence, which is basically the personnel in his companies.

For Sam Zherka, better known as Selim Zherka in the workplace, instilling a culture of benevolence in the workplace is important because he believes that giving without expecting anything in return builds character. Here Sammy Zherka shares his top three tips for helping charities:

1. Have a ‘good deed’ jar at the office. Selim Zherka likes using positive words at the office as he knows the kind of effect these words have on a person’s mindset. This is the reason why Sammy Zherka likes to label their charity jars as ‘good deed’ jars. These words serve as a simple reminder that whatever donation his employees make will go to a good cause. A dollar or two a day from each employee can rack up hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by the end of the donation period.

Before you start your jar campaign, Sam Zherka suggests that you pick a charity or non-profit to whom the money will go. Selim Zherka also recommends that you get everyone involved when choosing your charity. This way, employees will become even more inspired to help.

2. Host a fundraising event. There are two ways you can go about your fundraising event, according to Sammy Zherka. One is to hold a strictly “office only” event wherein the attendees will strictly be you and your employees (and their families). You can turn it into one huge party with games and activities for adults and kids. Another option is to host an event for your corporate partners, suppliers, clients, and affiliates. For this one, Selim Zherka notes, you could hold a formal dinner or a casual barbecue.

As with the good deed jar, Sam Zherka recommends that you select a charity first before planning for your event.

3. Credit volunteer work with work hours. Last, but certainly not the least, Selim Zherka suggests that give your employees a certain number of work hours that they can spend at a charity or organization of their choice, doing volunteer work. For Sammy Zherka, this is one of the best ways to encourage benevolence among your employees.

You can immediately start on your charitable giving by checking the Internet for official websites of various non-profits and charities. Sam Zherka strongly advises the reader to perform a thorough background check on the charity or non-profit to ensure that it’s legitimate.