Everything Selim Zherka Learned About Charity, He Learned at Home

Everything Selim Zherka Learned About Charity, He Learned at Home

Growing up without luxuries wasn’t a big deal for Sam Zherka and his siblings. If anything, it’s the lack of certain necessities in their household that motivated Sammy Zherka to persevere in life. The lessons he learned as a child; lessons that have served and still are serving him as his guide as he navigated through the winding paths of life, he never would have benefited from tremendously had he grown up in a rich family. Selim Zherka, as he is known in the business world, feels only gratitude for having lived the kind of life they did when he was still a young boy. Sam Zherka knows that if it weren’t for these lessons, he might not have had the inspiration to help those in need on a much bigger scale.

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The young Sammy Zherka learned about the importance of helping others and sharing what you have with those who are in need. You see, Selim Zherka and his siblings lived on hand-me-downs. A new pair of pants, a new shirt, or pair of shoes isn’t common in their household. Whatever ‘new’ thing they wore, you could be sure that it was first worn by someone else. But Sammy Zherka never resented it. If anything, he felt lucky every time he got a new hand-me-down.

His own children know how lucky they are that they are never wanting in clothes, shoes, or food. Young as they are now, Sam Zherka has started teaching them the value of sharing, helping, and being grateful for what they have. Selim Zherka grew up to be a generous and giving adult because of how his parents raised him and his siblings. This is how he wants his children to grow up to be.

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Today, the youth are exposed to so many influences that encourage entitlement and instant gratification. Expensive gadgets whose cost is more than enough to feed a family of four for an entire month is advertised as a “must-have.” And children are taking the bait. This isn’t how Sam Zherka wants his kids to grow, which is why he and his wife are careful about setting boundaries on what the children can and cannot have at their age. Sammy Zherka and his wife make sure that, despite having the means to live a life of luxury, their family lives a simple, comfortable, and contented life. And this means teaching the kids that they can’t have what they want all the time, including them as parents. More importantly, they teach their kids that not everything they want is good for them.

Live simply and share lavishly, is what Sam Zherka always tells his children.

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